Deep-Tissue Massage

    Our quality of touch is unique. We "connect" (touch) with the tissue (muscles) and determine what depth and movement is needed to get the area to release. Often people watching say it looks like we are not even moving...but our clients feel movement under the surface deep within their body. The touch (pressure) can range from almost hovering above the area ( broken bones - client in extreme pain - or touchy) to hard sustained pressure to override an area. The clients are in control of the session - we will never cause excessive pain as we ask the client to warn us if we even get close to what they do not like (although most times we can sense this and back off before it is of concern).


Clinic Office Hours

Monday to Saturday

9 am - 9 pm

(by appointment)


1713 Bowen Rd. Nanaimo, B.C.

317 Methuen St Ladysmith, B.C.


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