Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have heard that it is very painful. Is it going to hurt?

A: NO, If you do it properly, the client has a relaxing, calming experience. Our clients routinely fall asleep during a session, sometimes waking themselves up from a snore.

Q: Are your services covered by the medical plan or any extended health plans?

A: Unfortunately no.

Q: Is this massage?

A: Yes and No. It is called massage but sometimes referred to as bodywork. Bodywork is a generic category of manual therapies that help to restore proper function to the body. We use a therapy called Structural Integration in our clinic. It is done with the client clothed and no oils like normal massage.

Q: Do I need a referral from a doctor?

A: No referral is needed at our clinic as we are a private fee for service clinic.

Q: How many sessions are needed?

A: Unfortunately it is impossible to predict how your body is going to respond to the work. How long has it been injured, how many times has it been injured, are you currently doing something to reinjure it, are you willing to let it go, will affect the time it takes to rehabilitate.

Q: Does it last?

A: Yes, we are looking to correct the problem so that results are long lasting.




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