Structural Integration

    Is a form of connective tissue manipulation (massage) based on the fact that the body is 'plastic' or changeable. It is applied through a Ten Session Series called "The Recipe"...more


Deep-Tissue Massage

    Deep-Tissue Massage is for clients that do not want to invest in the "Recipe" or have completed a ten session series. It is designed for relief from specific areas or problems...more



    Our version looks to loosen the feet and ankles, fixing problems with the structure. You will be able to throw away your orthotics. Also good for an entry level to bodywork...more


Chair Massage

    Our version of "on site chair massage" consists of loosening of the back/neck/shoulders, starting superficially and then working deeper, paying attention to those areas that need it. Without being told we can find all the spots that are bothering you as well as others that you didn't know you will be amazed! ...more

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