Structural Integration

    When something doesn't work, you want to fix it. That applies to your own body, too. If you try the usual means and it doesn't solve the problem, you probably start looking for a different method.

    Most people who try Structural Integration do so at the suggestion of a friend who had a lot of success with this technique solving their nagging problem.

    Generally, people get come to our clinic because of pain, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc. But we help with a range of issues-from acute to chronic-including soft tissue pain, postural issues, stress and even aesthetics.

    Structural Integration is a series of progressive sessions, usually an hour in length, that focus on eliminating any immediate symptoms while addressing the underlying causes. You lie on a low, wide table dressed in your clothes, and the practitioner applies pressure on specific areas, waiting for the tissue to release.

    This slow and precise sculpturing of the body's soft tissue (muscles and fascia - a form of connective tissue) allows the body to relax on a deep level. Over the course of the typical ten sessions, the body will often straighten, become taller, loosen and generally feel much better.

    We also educate our clients so they do not recreate their problems, and they learn how to enhance the changes of Structural Integration. Many of today's problems stem from past injuries, or fighting gravity with flawed postural patterns. Your practitioner can help you unlearn past limiting behaviors, and learn behaviors that are more efficient.

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