Carl Smith at Ladysmith Massage is committed to providing the highest quality Structural Integration massage based private health care to the Mid Vancouver Island area.

    I have been helping clients for the past 26 years. My clients range from very young children to seniors (even animals) who are looking for a natural alternative for their health problems. No injections or drugs, just hands on manual therapy (massage) done with the client clothed, respecting the depth of touch needed.

    I have worked with clients who have acute conditions up to the most difficult chronic problems, even if you have been everywhere else for help. The style of massage used is based on Structural Integration.

    The secret is having the ability to feel and manipulate tension in the muscles and other tissues. Tension restricts the flow of blood, lymph, and nerve transmission much like if you squeeze a garden hose it slows or blocks the flow of water. This restriction causes all kinds of problems depending on what is blocked and where it leads to. Massage will help to loosen the restrictions allowing the body to heal itself.

    I treat every customer as a unique individual and provide a customized treatment approach for their problem, from Chair Massage to Reflexology to Structural Integration.

    Let me help you to better health!

Office Hours

Monday to Saturday

9 am - 9 pm

(by appointment)

250.802.3648 text/call

317 Methuen St. Ladysmith

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